Breakout Sessions

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Custom-Fab: Top Tips for Speed & Quality.


Mitch Guettler, Director of Quality Assurance

Don Garno, Custom-Fabrication Product Manager

Gary Horonzy, Warranty Crew Manager


Ryman Hall B 1 & 2

Improve the speed and quality of your next installation! Mitch, Don and Gary demonstrate their top tips and tricks for an efficient, quality install. With their 80+ years of combined rooftop experience, and input from Duro-Last®’s most successful contractors, our presenters are eager to share their secrets to success!

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Learn from The World’s Best Contractors! Round Table with Your Peers.


Sam Tilmon, Regional Sales Manager


Washington B

This popular breakout offers you one-on-one, peer-to-peer discussion on hot topics such as labor, supply challenges, installation, quoting, etc. Hear how other contractors handle these sensitive issues. Limited to 100 people per breakout.

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EXCEPTIONAL® Metals. New Year, New Direction.


Mike Gwizdala, General Manager

Jules Dekovics, National Sales Manager


Jackson AB

Meet EXCEPTIONAL Metals’ new National Sales Manager, Jules Dekovics. Hear the vision he and Mike have for “the new” Exceptional Metals, and what’s in it for each of you. But don’t just listen, tell us what you, our preferred contractors, want in a metal provider! Presentation includes the latest EM product developments. This is a don’t-miss session.

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Navigating Demand and Supply Chain Challenges. What You can Expect from Duro-Last® in 2022.


Mike Tracey, Senior Vice President of Operations

Kevin Blaesser, Director of Sales Operations


Lincoln CDE

A global pandemic paired with a boom in demand, and shortages of workers, equipment and space has created a new environment for all of us. Let’s talk about how Duro-Last’s vertical integration positioned our contractors for success in a turbulent 2021. And more importantly, what we plan to do in 2022 to mitigate disruptions and keep you installing the “World’s Best Roof®”!


Lead Generation for the Modern-Day Contractor.


Roger Bertolini, Sales Development Representative

Nick Peret, CEO, Summa Media


Lincoln A

Generate high-quality commercial leads. Maximize your ROI on sales and marketing efforts. Increase your conversion rate and close more deals. This how-to session with industry experts, Roger and Nick, outlines tried-and-true lead generation strategies for the modern-day contractor. If you need leads, you need this session!


Tax Law Changes and the New Infrastructure Bill. What You Need to Know to Maximize Your Return.


John Gallo, Principal, UHY

Thomas Alongi, Partner, UHY


Jackson EF

Industry professionals, John Gallo and Thomas Alongi are eager to explain what the tax law changes and new infrastructure bill mean for your company and the construction industry. With all of the changes, you’re sure to have questions. These industry experts will provide you answers and help set you up for success!    


Duro-Last® Coatings Have You Covered!


Rob Youness, Coatings Technical Manager


Jackson CD

Learn how Duro-Last coatings can extend a roof's long-term performance. Here, you'll be introduced to our full line of solutions, see application do's and don'ts, hear success stories and garner advice on how you can improve your bottom line by incorporating coatings into your business. If you're not using coatings, you will be after this session.