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Contractor Advisory Board & Emerging Leaders  

The Contractor Advisory Board and Emerging Leaders were developed to establish and maintain an open line of communication between Duro-Last® and its authorized contractors. These forums are used to discuss new installation techniques, research and development, keys to selling, and innovative marketing ideas that are critical to the success of both parties. 


Each of these groups met on Saturday for their annual winter meetings and discussed a variety of topics, including continuous improvement activities, manufacturing and sales updates, as well as the current state of the roofing industry and future outlooks.


We encourage all Duro-Last contractors to engage with members of each group, sharing ideas and knowledge from the field. It's through this communication that Duro-Last can truly understand the needs of the roofing industry, and provide the "World's Best Roof®" and services. An updated member list for both the Contractor Advisory Board and Emerging Leaders can be found on the Contractor Portal under the "Sales" section.

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