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Edge-to-Edge & Deck-to-Sky™ Award

Contractor: All Elements, Inc.

Project: Sauk Rapids Riverfront Park

Location: Sauk Rapids, Minnesota

Square Feet: 13,660 combined

Products: Duro-Last® dark gray 60 mil membrane, Duro-Last® Vapor Barrier, Duro-Last Solvent Grip® Adhesive, ¼” DensDeck® Roof Board, Duro-Guard® Tapered ISO, Duro-Last® Roof Pavers, Duro-Last® Vinyl Ribs; EXCEPTIONAL® Metals 2-Piece Snap-On Compression

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The city of Sauk Rapids, Minnesota sought to revitalize its riverfront space to be more engaging and attractive for residents and visitors. Previously known as Southside Park and Lions Park, the 10+ acre space now features activity courts, a splash pad, playground, river walk, amphitheater, and an indoor event building.


During the design phase of the project, the architects at Confluence had a vision in mind for the two new riverfront buildings, wanting to showcase the distinct linear elements found on standing seam metal roofs. However, with the low-slope design of the roofs, few metal panel systems would have performed well throughout the extreme low temperatures and heavy snowfall common in the region during the winter months. Because of this, the Confluence team determined that Duro-Last’s Vinyl Rib Roofing System was the best option to provide the protection needed during extreme weather swings while still providing the aesthetic appeal they were looking for.


All Elements Roofing of Monticello, Minnesota, was invited to bid on the roofing portions of the project by the general contractor due to their reputation for working with Duro-Last membranes and materials, and even helped the city develop a preliminary roofing budget.

“Before we were even awarded the project, the architect reached out to us for help with putting some estimates together so the city would have a better understanding of the overall investment,” explained John Thurber, president of All Elements Roofing. “We were ultimately awarded the job and, in the end, our final project numbers were almost identical to the estimates that we had put together during planning.”

For each building, the All Elements team started at the wood deck, installing Duro-Last Vapor Barrier before a tapered Duro-Guard ISO insulation system was mechanically attached. Dark gray Duro-Last 60 mil membrane was mechanically fastened over top and EXCEPTIONAL Metals 2-Piece Snap-On Compression was used around the perimeter to terminate the membrane. For the sloped portions of each roof, the Duro-Last membrane was adhered before dark gray vinyl ribs were heat welded and Duro-Last Roof Pavers were added to the base of each slope as a finishing touch, providing protection from ice to the membrane below.

“Our team had never installed vinyl ribs before this project, but with our overall Duro-Last experience and support from the Duro-Last team, it wasn’t difficult for us to master and the end results are beautiful,” explained Thurber.

All Elements Roofing completed the flat portions of each building in four days, however, with colder weather approaching there wasn’t enough time to address the sloped portions before winter set in. Their crew waterproofed the remaining sloped portions of the roof for the winter, returning in the spring to complete the membrane installation and vinyl rib welding in an additional six days.

“Other than having to break for winter, we didn’t run into many complications with this project,” said Thurber. “Installation went smoothly and Duro-Last supported us every step of the way to ensure a successful project for us and the city.”


Construction on the revitalized riverfront park space wrapped up in early summer of 2021, and looks stunning against the backdrop of the Mississippi River. “The city is extremely happy with how the buildings came together, and that we were able to stick within the budget numbers that they were anticipating from the planning process,” said Thurber. “Plus, their 20-Year NDL Warranty means they don’t have to worry about protection from the elements for the upcoming events that they are booking in the new facilities. It’s been great to see the city’s response to our work, and the residents’ response to the reinvigorated space.”

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