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Project of the Year

Contractor: TEMA Roofing Services

Project: P. Ross Berry Middle School

Location: Youngstown, Ohio

Square Feet: 116,000

Products: Duro-Tuff® charcoal 50 mil membrane, 2” Duro-Guard® ISO insulation, ¼” DensDeck® Roof Board, Roof Trak® III Walkway Pads, custom curbs and stacks; EXCEPTIONAL® Metals T-Edge, coping, gutters, downspouts

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Built in 2006, P. Ross Berry Middle School features multiple connected structures with a mix of flat and barreled roofing surfaces. With over 30 classrooms, multiple project and media labs, a gymnasium, cafeteria, and administrative offices, ongoing maintenance needs can quickly become overwhelming for a facilities staff. As the original roof began to age, leaks became more severe than standard repairs could address and school leadership determined that the best course of action was to replace the roofing system before operations were impacted.

“Through personal and professional community connections, we learned of the school’s need for a new roof,” explained Justin Froelich, Vice President of TEMA Roofing Services. “As an authorized Duro-Last® contractor with experience utilizing the TIPS cooperative buying program, we were able to develop a comprehensive scope of work and proposal for the project that was ready for execution within weeks as opposed to months – which is common when working through a traditional bid process. The TIPS team at Duro-Last is phenomenal to work with - we couldn’t ask for a better manufacturer relationship.”

​Most of the school’s roofs are barrel style, which created

material handling and safety challenges for TEMA crews. To address those challenges, scaffolding was set up on either side of the roof, and multiple tie-off points were established to ensure rooftop safety.

Two of the barreled roofs and portions of the flat roof areas required full tear-offs down to the metal deck, while the remaining sections could be addressed with a layover approach. For the tear-off portions, TEMA crews installed two layers of 2” Duro-Guard® ISO insulation followed by ¼” DensDeck® Roof Board before adhering the 50 mil Duro-Tuff® membrane. For the layover portions of the project, they removed the existing membrane and any compromised insulation, filling with 1” Duro-Guard ISO insulation where needed before adhering the 50 mil Duro-Tuff membrane over top.

“Every couple of weeks we would have a drone fly over and take progress photos for school administrators,” explained Justin. “No one realized just how big the facility was, or how complex the roofing project could get until we showed them the images. It was a great way for our team to provide insight into what we were doing, and keeps everyone on the same page as far as expectations and timelines.”

To finish the project, TEMA utilized EXCEPTIONAL® Metals T-Edge for the edge termination, as well as scuppers, gutters and downspouts from EXCEPTIONAL Metals for drainage. Roof Trak® III Walkway Pads were installed to protect the roof against foot traffic, and custom stacks and curbs were used for penetrations and rooftop units.


From start to finish, it took TEMA approximately six months to complete the project.


“Everyone was very happy with how the new roof turned out, but more importantly with the quality of products and services that they received,” said Justin. “They no longer have ongoing leaks that constantly need to be addressed, and they have a 15-year single-source warranty that backs their roof from Edge-to-Edge & Deck-to-Sky™. That’s security that you can’t put a price on.”

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