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Specialty Membrane Award

Contractor: Affordable Roofing

Project: Wittenburg Elementary School

Location: Taylorsville, North Carolina

Square Feet: 98,800

Products: Duro-Tuff® green 50 mil membrane, ¼” DEXcell® Roof Board, Duro-Guard® EPS Flute Fill, Anchor Products™ snow retention system; EXCEPTIONAL® Metals 2-Piece Snap-On Compression, fascia cover, scuppers

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Built in 1999 with a distinct green standing seam roofing system, Wittenburg Elementary School in Taylorsville, North Carolina had been plagued with roof problems and leaks for as long as administration can remember.


“I started with the school district in 2018, and going back through the emails and service records it was clear to see that the roof was going to be a serious challenge,” said Chris Campbell, maintenance director for Alexander County Schools. “It had been sandblasted, repainted, resealed, and it had already started peeling again. By the time we decided to move forward with evaluating new roof options, we had buckets in the ceiling to try to minimize the water damage to the classrooms below.”

Because 50% of the roof can be seen from the ground due to its slope, district leaders debated on what type of

roofing system would offer the best protection without compromising aesthetics.

“We have Duro-Last® material being used on a few other facilities throughout the district, which have all performed well for us, so we reached out to the Duro-Last representative in our region to discuss our needs and options,” said Chris. “As we learned more about Duro-Last’s customization options and ability to be applied over existing metal roofing systems, we decided that it was the right solution for our school.”

After reviewing proposals secured during a closed bid process, Affordable Roofing of Eden, North Carolina was selected to take on the project. To address the school’s aesthetic needs, the Affordable Roofing team matched the membrane and metal products to the school’s colors, and worked with Duro-Last Engineering Services to develop a system layout that eliminated the need for two-way air vents.

Working in sections, Affordable Roofing installed 1 ¾” Duro-Guard® EPS Flute Fill insulation directly over the existing standing seam metal roof, followed by ¼” DEXcell® cover board before mechanically fastening the 50 mil Duro-Tuff® membrane. “We actually installed the membrane with the seams running vertically, mimicking the appearance of a standing seam metal roof,” explained Robbie Patterson, vice president of Affordable Roofing. “The membrane looks sharp from any angle, and they don’t have to contend with peeling or flaking paint anymore. I think that’s a win all around.”


For the edge metal, the Affordable Roofing team utilized EXCEPTIONAL® Metals’ 2-Piece Snap-On Compression to terminate the membrane along the perimeter. Custom edge extenders were incorporated into the existing gutters to prevent water from running over the side, and a snow retention system by Anchor Products™ was added to keep snow and ice from sliding off of the roof and damaging gutters.   

Installed during summer recess to avoid any classroom disruptions, it took the Affordable Roofing team approximately 14 days to complete the 98,800 square foot project.

“With the old roof, we had new leaks any time it rained,” said Chris. “Even if it was the slightest spring drizzle, we had water in the building. Since the Duro-Last roof has been installed, we haven’t had any water infiltration issues to speak of. Between the quality of the products, the quality of Affordable Roofing’s installation, and our 15-Year NDL Warranty from Duro-Last, we are extremely happy with our decision. Our facilities team is small, so it’s a big deal not to have to worry about leaks when it rains anymore.”

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