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Project Awards

Project of the Year

TEMA Roofing.jpg

Contractor: TEMA Roofing Services

Project: P. Ross Berry Middle School

Location: Youngstown, Ohio

Square Feet: 116,000

Products: Duro-Tuff® charcoal 50 mil membrane, 2” Duro-Guard® ISO insulation, ¼” DensDeck® Roof Board, Roof Trak® III Walkway Pads, custom curbs and stacks; EXCEPTIONAL® Metals T-Edge, coping, gutters, downspouts

Edge-to-Edge & Deck-to-Sky Award

All Elements.jpg

Contractor: All Elements, Inc.

Project: Sauk Rapids Riverfront Park

Location: Sauk Rapids, Minnesota

Square Feet: 13,660 combined

Products: Duro-Last® dark gray 60 mil membrane, Duro-Last® Vapor Barrier, Duro-Last Solvent Grip® Adhesive, ¼” DensDeck® Roof Board, Duro-Guard® Tapered ISO, Duro-Last® Roof Pavers, Duro-Last® Vinyl Ribs; EXCEPTIONAL® Metals 2-Piece Snap-On Compression

Sustainability Award

Green Earth.jpg

Contractor: Green Earth Roofing Solutions

Project Details: Maybury Material Handling; Longmeadow, Massachusetts; 37,500 square feet / Dairy Queen; Milford, Massachusetts; 15,000 square feet / Close Harbor Seafood; Plantsville, Connecticut; 10,600 square feet (combined)

Products: EXCEPTIONAL® Metals EM PBR metal panels, 2-Piece Snap-On Compression, gutters, downspouts; Duro-Tuff® 60 mil membrane, Duro-Guard® ISO insulation, Duro-Guard ISO HD Cover Board, custom curbs

Custom-Fabrication Award


Contractor: Technical Roofing of St. Henry

Project: Culver Community Schools

Location: Culver, Indiana

Square Feet: 233,800 combined

Products: Duro-Last® white and terra cotta 50 mil membrane, Duro-Guard® EPS ½” Fanfold insulation, Roof Trak® III Walkway Pads, custom curbs and stacks; EXCEPTIONAL® Metals 2-Piece Snap-On Compression, Fascia Extender

Specialty Membrane Award


Contractor: Affordable Roofing

Project: Wittenburg Elementary School

Location: Taylorsville, North Carolina

Square Feet: 98,800

Products: Duro-Tuff® green 50 mil membrane, ¼” DEXcell® Roof Board, Duro-Guard® EPS Flute Fill, Anchor Products™ snow retention system; EXCEPTIONAL® Metals 2-Piece Snap-On Compression, fascia cover, scuppers

Metal Roofing Award

Renton Middle School.00_12_02_04.Still007.jpg

Contractor: Beyer Roofing

Project: Renton Middle School

Location: New Boston, Michigan

Square Feet: 200,000 membrane, 30,000 standing seam metal

Products: Duro-Last® 50 mil membrane, Duro-Guard® ISO flat and tapered insulation, custom curbs; EXCEPTIONAL® Metals 2-Piece Snap-On Compression, EM LokSeam® metal panel

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